Did you know?

Every year, in the United States:


  2.8 million elderly people are injured from falls, 800,000 are hospitalized, and 27,000 die from their injuries. 

Broken shoulders, broken hips, and head traumas lead to greater dependency on caregivers and significantly decreased quality of life for seniors. 

Health Care Concerns:


  The US currently has 50 million people over 65 years of age and this is going to rise to over 74 million by 2029.

Healthcare is facing a crisis in the next 10 years as the number of seniors increases, with fewer people available to care for them.   

Medicare and Medicaid spend over $50 billion annually to treat injuries associated with elderly falls, and this is projected to be over $100 billion by 2029.  

Caregiver Concerns:


  Caregivers are busy. Whether at home or in facilities like nursing homes and hospitals, reminding forgetful seniors to use their walkers can require an overwhelming amount of time and attention. 

i-Tell Alert bridges the gap between the individual and their walker. It enhances the user's safety because it is always there reminding them, even when care givers can’t be.