Our Story

Heather Desjardins, our founder, began her journey of caring for seniors at the age of 15, when she started working in a nursing home as an assistant who helped feed residents who could no longer feed themselves. In 2001 she became an Occupational Therapist and found herself moving back in the direction of caring for seniors. By 2015, she had discovered a significant need for a solution to help caregivers remind forgetful seniors to use their walkers consistently. Her colleagues in Home Care and Hospice emphatically agreed there was a need, thus began her pursuit to develop i-Tell Alert.

i-Tell has met many challenges and has seen many successes. We have received three grants through the Maine Technology Institute resulting in our first proof of concept prototypes and a utility patent. Most recently, i-Tell Alert was a finalist in Maine's entrepreneurial Top Gun Showcase in Portland, Maine, and will be featured on an episode of Greenlight Maine later this year.

We welcome you to our site and will continue to update our story as it unveils...

About Us

Our Mission


Our team makes your loved ones' safety our priority. We are proud to be part of a culture that values  independence and quality of life at all ages. Our goal is to reduce injuries and fatalities that may have been avoided, so everyone can live life to the fullest.

Experience and Professionalism


With years of experience as an Occupational Therapist visiting and treating the elderly in their homes and assisted living facilities, our founder, Heather Desjardins, has a passion for teaching others how to prevent injuries and maximize independence. She understands the importance of keeping seniors safe so they and their loved ones can enjoy quality time together for as long as possible.

Made in Maine


i-Tell Alert is based out of Winthrop, Maine and has proudly used Maine based companies for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of their product.

Our Partners