What is i-Tell Alert?


i-Tell Alert uses current technology to easily turn any walker into a smart walker. When using i-Tell Alert, walker users remember to use their walkers more consistently. 

i-Tell Alert technology comes in two parts, a walker module and a wristband. The i-Tell Alert walker module easily attaches to any walker. If the walker user starts to walk away without their walker, the i-Tell walker module sends a signal to their i-Tell wristband causing vibrations, lights and beeping (if desired) to remind them to get their walker. 

Current devices on the market are reactive. They only send alerts to caregivers and medical professionals AFTER a fall has occurred. i-Tell Alert is proactive. By reminding seniors to use their walkers consistently, there will be a reduced risk for falls, keeping seniors safe and independent while reducing the need for frequent caregiver reminders. 

i-Tell Alert is re-chargeable and waterproof.

i-Tell Alert Is Right For You If...

You are a senior or caregiver to a senior who needs to use a walker due to poor balance or frequent falls but often forgets to use it. 

The individual using i-Tell Alert lives alone, with caregivers, or in a facility such as a nursing home or assisted living. 


Supporting Seniors and Their Caregivers


Maintain Independence and Quality of Life

"Independence is happiness." -Susan B. Anthony.  


Avoid Unnecessary Injuries

   i-Tell Alert technology safely connects forgetful seniors to their walkers.  Remembering to use their walkers can mean fewer falls and injuries. 


A Partnership in Caring

 We understand the challenges caregivers face. i-Tell Alert will be there to remind them to use their walkers, even when caregivers can't be.  We are honored to help you keep them safe and independent. 


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